Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pregnancy at 30 Weeks

  • Still not sleeping
  • Irritable uterus was really bad this past weekend, it hurt every time I did anything, so I really didn't do much
  • I walked to pick Parker up from daycare one day and thought I was going to die by the time I got back.  It's about a 10 minute walk total....
  • I had one day where the baby was so high up, it was uncomfortable.  By the end of the day the baby was jabbing into my side and it was actually painful.  
  • So basically the third trimester is hard
  • On the bright side, the baby feels pretty high, which is good.  I don't want it dropping any time soon!  And it still moves a lot.  I can sometimes feel a foot or a butt sticking out
  • We moved Parker to his real bed, so it's time to get the nursery back and ready for baby.  I have the next week off so I'm hoping to get a lot done and also pack my hospital bag.  Last time I literally packed a bag for myself at 3 in the morning.  This time I want to be prepare and actually have a bag for myself, Ryan, the baby and Parker.  Because packing that much at 3 am would not be fun
  • As seen in the above photo, we went to a wedding (at 30 weeks 2 days).  I wore the heels for the ceremony and maybe half an hour after and that was enough.  And then I found a comfy chair and sat in it all night.  But it was actually a lot of fun and I had lots of friends who thought the comfy chairs were a pretty good way to spend the night too, so it all worked out!


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