Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Baby Harry Potter

Halloween didn't start out the greatest.  I don't know if Parker didn't nap well that day.  Or if he really just hated the glasses that I was putting on him that much....but I considered not taking him out at all.  Except that I had to show off my mini Harry Potter.

Our first stop was my parent's house.  And he was not a happy camper.  But we just figured that it would be the year that we remembered that he hated Halloween.

Next stop was my Grandma's.  And he cooperated!  He didn't smile, but he wore the glasses and scarf and didn't throw a tantrum.  

 Last stop was Ryan's mom's house.  The crazy kid just wanted to eat veggie sticks and had no interest in Smarties.  Don't worry Parker, me and your dad will eat your Smarties for you.

An hour and a half and 3 houses later, Ryan and I ordered some pizza and went home.  Man it's exhausting taking a cute and tiny human out for Halloween.  3 houses! An hour and a half! This isn't gonna fly once he figures out that you get candy...

As for his costume, I'm living vicariously through him.  Because how cute is his onesie and scarf!  He did actually like the wand, mostly because you could hit people with it...

And for those who don't know, Harry Potter's parents were murdered by Voldemort on October 31, so maybe Parker was just getting into character and was trying to be all sad because of that?  I like to think so.


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