Sunday, 28 May 2017

Little Guy in the Big City

Cooper made his first trip to Toronto this weekend.  My family went down to my brother's apartment and to the Jay's game for his birthday.  We left Parker at home, but the child that I now refer to as the boob monster came with us due to his inability to take a bottle.

He was such a good boy.  He slept a few times throughout the game.  He watched a bit.  He mostly flirted with the ladies behind us.

And bonus, the Jays won! Although half the people with us had gone for beer during the only scoring home run of the game...

 And this hat that his Grams bought him at the game...isn't it just the cutest!

 He loved to look around as we were walking through the city and on the subway.  One second he was looking around, the next I looked at him and he was fast asleep in his stroller.  Oh the life of a baby.  


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