Thursday, 29 June 2017

Don't Go Changin'

If I could stop time right where it is, I would.

Cooper is in that dream stage where he is just so easy.  I need to brag a bit about how productive I've been today since I didn't have Parker.  We dropped Parker off at my mother-in-law's this morning and then Cooper and I carried on to the library, the grocery store, the bank, another grocery store, and I grabbed lunch for myself and all this kid required was a diaper change.  I didn't have to feed him, because he's chunky and eats properly (unlike another teeny tiny child that I know.)

Then we get home and I have unloaded groceries, cleaned the trailer, worked out, showered and made baby food.  I've fed him a couple of times in there of course.

This stage of babyhood is the greatest.  He can sit up, but he can't move.  He's content to just lay around or sit up playing with toys.  I know it's going to be short lived.  I know he's going to start moving.  It will be exciting when it happens, but oh how I love where he's at right now!

And so there is no better day to go and get his "Little Sitter" photo session done so that I can remember this time forever.  Now hopefully he hasn't been saving his crankiness for tonight!

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