Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Getting Hitched at the Farm

This past weekend my cousin got married at her Dad's farm.  What was originally supposed to be an engagement party, turned into a wedding 5 weeks before the date as they figured that was just more practical.  For putting it together in 5 weeks, it turned out amazing!  The venue was beautiful and I loved all of the little touches that Dannielle added.  I mean just look at this head table!

We were able to take our trailer, which was so nice when we had the kids.  Cooper actually napped in the trailer through the ceremony.  We could put them both to bed easily and check on them and I was able to nurse Cooper in the trailer.  I wish I had my trailer at every wedding.

Parker had a great time!  I missed a lot of it because I was feeding Cooper and putting him to bed, but apparently Parker was dancing up a storm all night on the dance floor.  

Parker got a little bit tired in the afternoon.  We tried to take some family pictures.  They turned out ok.  But the pictures of the two boys...not so much. Then the poor little guy fell asleep sitting up in his bunk.

The whole day, and weekend actually, were so much fun! 


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