Saturday, 10 February 2018

It's Olympic Time!

We had a bit more snow during the last Olympics
I love love love the Winter Olympics!  I seriously should of planned my babies better so that I was on mat leave while they were on.  That's how much I love them...that I think of this frequently. 

I remember the 2010 Olympics, I was still in University.  Right at the beginning of the Olympics, I think it was a Friday night, and my sister was visiting.  We turned on the TV and moguls was on.  I had never watched moguls before, but it was thrilling!  I had no idea that we had strong competitors in moguls.  To be honest, prior to that I think I had only paid attention to figure skating and hockey.  All of a sudden, Alexandre Bilodeau had won and his brother with cerebral palsy was celebrating with him and so excited.  It was just this great moment to be Canadian.  I think moguls are now my favourite thing to watch!

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics were monumental for Canadians.  Not only were they on home soil, but we did amazingly well.  We had the top gold medal count.  And it was just a great time to be Canadian and finally be able to celebrate that we actually do have amazing athletes.

And so basically I'm pumped for the Olympics.  We have so many medal hopefuls and I find the winter Olympics so interesting because there are so many neat sports!  I love watching speed skating, snowboard cross, and things like luge and skeleton! 

What are you most excited for?

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