Monday, 24 September 2012

I Watch Too Much TV

At least I'm honest about my addiction, right?  So in honour of the new TV season starting, I thought I would go over some of my favourite shows.  I do have a weekend post, but I was having some troubles uploading pictures this morning, so we will save that one for tomorrow.

Let's start with Glee. Who doesn't love Glee?  Okay, I'm sure there are some people out there.  But it's just such a feel good show.  It always makes me smile.  I'm very interested to see what they do with the Rachel in New York story line.  I'm kind of afraid that everyone will like that story line more than the actual Glee club.  Seriously, there is nobody interesting left in Glee club except for Britney.

"That's a great haircut Mercedes - I thought you graduated." - Brittany S. Pierce 


On to the next.  The Amazing Race.  I don't have much to say about this except that I love it.  A reality show that focuses on the game instead of the relationships between competitors.  So refreshing.

How I Met Your Mother.  There are very few good sitcoms left. This is one of them.  I'm afraid we are getting close to the time where this one needs to wrap up though.  I think we all just want to meet the mother. 

Oh I lied.  New Girl is a fantastic sitcom.  Last year I turned on the series premiere and Ryan said "DO NOT start watching a new show."  Oops.  I typically break out in this theme song randomly.  "Hey girl, watcha doin?  Hey girl, where you goin'?"  I will sing the rest in my head.  Unlike what I did last night when I sang the whole thing at the dinner table.  Ryan says I'm special.

One of the few shows that Ryan and I actually watch together is Criminal Minds.  I can't wait til this one starts.  I feel like it makes me more intelligent.  Or at least more aware of the creepers out there.

Let's combine Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice into one.  Private Practice only has 13 episodes this season I think.  So then I will be down a TV show, which is probably a good thing.

And last but not least, my latest obsession, The Vampire Diaries.  Now that I'm used to watching episode after episode on DVD it's going to be difficult to wait a week in between episodes.  I'm still Team Damon.  I feel bad for the guy, why does everyone always love Stefan more?  Like really, his name is Stefan....

So where do I fit in time to study, clean the house, do the laundry etc?  Who knows.  That's future Kaileigh's problem.

Sorry this post got out of hand.  This is just how much I love TV.

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  1. Ahhh, I am so very excited for Grey's to come back. It starts back up on my birthday. So thrilled <3 Thanks for checking out my blog, look forward to getting to know you.