Monday, 3 September 2012

Farewell Summer

On Saturday morning we packed up the car and Oliver and Tali and I headed up to the cottage for the weekend.  Oliver just loves running around and playing in the sand so he was pretty excited! 

It was our last shot at summer.  Most likely the last chance to lounge on the deck in the sun.  All we did was soak up the sun all weekend!

1.  Brittney's angel wings 2. An N 3.A B 4. Zig Zags 5. Spirals
6. T & B 7. BS (It's for her initials, not something else!) 8. A Q 9. A Heart
There wasn't too many of us at the cottage, but there were some neighbours up that had kids, so all of the kids played together all weekend.  They found sparklers to entertain themselves at the campfire last night. 

What we did notice is that it sure does get cold at night now! As soon as the sun is down it feels like fall.  So that's it.  See ya next year summer.

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