Wednesday, 19 September 2012

When a Dog Comes to Visit

So this week and last week we have been babysitting Oliver while my parents are in Vegas.  This means that we are living in a nut house since the cat and dog just chase each other cosntantly.  Plus, we have to lock Oliver up at night and let me tell you, listening to the poor pup cry that entire first night was torture.  Ryan of course slept through it.  He's been getting a bit better, he only cries for the first bit now and then I think he falls asleep.

Who does she think she is?  Sitting at the table like a people

Pipsi likes to show Oliver who's boss.  He was looking out the window, so of course she had to go jump on the window sill and scare him away. 
He's such a little scruff-a-muffin.  He's still pretty hyperactive in his young age, but he's calming down slightly.  He kind of just follows me around the house and sits under my feet.  Well that's what he does when he isn't playing with the cat. 


  1. My cats sit at the table like people, too! They think they're so special haha. And my puppy just constantly want to play with them but they're older so they just hiss at him. Glad your furbabies seem more civil!

  2. Oh my sweetness, Oliver has the cutest little face! I'll just cuddle him up!