Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Look what appeared in our house last night!
That's right.  I finally got some wedding pictures canvased.  And really, I don't mean that finally, because I think that I'm doing pretty good compared to other brides in having this done within the first year of marriage.

 I think they are going to go above the couch.  We spent too much money for them to immediately go into the bedroom where nobody except us will see them right?  Pretty sure I want the whole town to see them from the road when they drive by. 

The two small ones will go beside the long one, one over the other. 

And just to prove how with it I am in this wedding picture thing, we also had our album made within two months of the wedding.  I love these books because you can put all of your pictures in them.  When you get 650 wedding photos, you don't want to have to chose only 30 to put in an album. 

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! Do we have a friend in common? Just wondering since I used to live in Ontario....
    Gorgeous wedding photos!! And I like your writing style :) Kinda wish I'd done a 30 before 30!! I love your list!