Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Quack Pack Prevails - So Far

I was just looking at my Big Brother post from the beginning of the season.  And I've just got to mention that 3 of my 4 picks are in the final 5.  I wish I was part of a Fantasy Big Brother league.  Because I would be kicking butt.

So we are down to Dan, Dannielle, Ian, Shane and Jenn.  Jenn?  How is she even still in this.  She hasn't done anything strategic all summer.  Unless you could teaming up with Frank after he proved that he had staying power.  Well I guess that power wasn't strong enough because then Frank went home and now Jenn is all alone. 

I feel that I should do end of season predictions.  I predict that Jenn will go home this week.  Shane will win the next HOH and send home Dan.  Shane will then also win the final HOH and send home Ian.  Shane will win Big Brother. 

Who would've thought this guy would make it this far?

I think Shane will send home Ian because he is the easy choice over Dannielle, but also because I think that Ian could win against Shane.  I would love to see Ian win the whole thing, but I just don't have the confidence that he will win the final HOH.  There is also the possibility that Shane keeps Dan because he thinks that nobody will give Dan the money again.  But if I were him, I wouldn't risk it. 

So there are my predictions for anybody who has no life just like me.  I could be totally wrong because Dan is smart and knows to get rid of stronger players.  But I really want Jenn gone this week because then the final four will really deserve to be there.  Good thing this show will be ending just in time for all my other shows to take over my life. 

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