Friday, 7 September 2012

The Room Where We Live

Also known as the Living Room.  What an appropriate name. 

I am hoping for some improvements in the form of wall art in the next little bit, but until then, here is an update on what we have done with our living room.  But first, here is a reminder of what we started with last December.

I think that because of this here picture I will be moving our hall tree.  It looks awkward there.  But it is a beautiful antique hall tree that we received as a wedding gift. 

My mom made these curtains for me.  Perhaps the last curtains she will ever make.  I don't think she had a good time working on them.  She had bought the dark brown material a few years ago for cheap.  The lighter brown is from Ikea.  We bought three packages of these curtains, for a total of around $80.  My mom sewed three of them together for each side.  The light brown ones can close if we want them to.  As much as I'm sure my mom hated making them, there is noway we could have gotten anything like this for as little as $80 anywhere else.
Little details include this super awesome lamp from Homesense, a wee wedding picture, a dice box that has five dice in it from our honeymoon in Jamaica.  On the bottom end of this picture is a box that I bought for our blankets from the Antique Warehouse, as well as a sewing table from the Antique Warehouse that we use as an end table.  It opens up but I haven't hidden any goodies in it...yet...
Isn't the little frog cute?  My mom and dad have one, and when I found one at the Keady market on our cottage holidays I just couldn't resist.  The candles are made by Ryan's talented dad. 
So that's what we have so far.  It still needs a fair bit of work and decorating.  Nothing in the room is overly expensive, but it's comfortable.  Coming up in the near future, I have ordered wedding canvases for above the couch.  I also plan on adding some of these picture ledges from Ikea to the wall behind the TV.  I think this will go a long way in this room. 

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