Saturday, 1 December 2012

How To Procrastinate Like A Pro

I would have rather been attacked by a German Shepherd than studying
So you may have noticed I was a little MIA this past week.  Or you may not have, it doesn't really matter.  I forced myself to take a blogging break because I had a pretty important exam to be studying for.  And blogging is one of the best ways to procrastinate!  But I wrote the exam today and now I am free for the Christmas season!

Yesterday, I had a study day (yes, my job gives us a day off to study for every exam, I guess it's a good deal).  So while I was studying hard, I obviously got distracted a few times, so I'm going to share the best ways that I have found to procrastinate!

1.  Sleep In. I actually only slept until 7:15, and my first alarm went off at 7:00, so it wasn't that bad.

2.  Take a long shower.  Just stand there under the warm water and ask yourself, how long can I stand here for?  Eventually I did have to get out of the shower....

3.  Clean out the litter box.  I hadn't done this in a week (sorry Pipsi!) and I decided that yesterday was the day to do it!

4.  Eat.  Anything and everything.  Studying makes me wanna snack.

5.  Work out.  That's a good way to take a study break right?  Except I think study breaks are supposed to be 15 minutes, not an hour long.

6.  Read some of the 200 blog posts you are behind on.  It's getting out of hand!  I didn't read them all though.  And bloggers keep posting, so I'm still 200 behind!

7. Play with the kitten. She's just so happy when I'm home for the day!  How do you explain to a cat that you're busy.  Even if I could explain, I don't think she would care.  She sure doesn't care when I'm sleeping.

8.  Drink a 10 cup pot of coffee.  Or don't.  Pretty sure it gives you the jitters, and that doesn't help with the studying.

9. Think of everything that you need to buy after the exam when you finally have time to go shopping.  This probably didn't need to be done until after the exam was finished.

So there you have it.  Take what you want from this. Things not to do, or things to do.  Whatever floats your boat! 

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  1. Hahaha, this made me laugh!! I do the same thing when I'm putting something cleaning!