Monday, 3 December 2012

The Monday Blahs

I'm so behind on my blogging.  I usually have a few post ideas and like to work on them on the weekend so that I don't feel as much pressure during the week to come up with post ideas. But that didn't happen this weekend. I kept myself busy with exams, shopping, relaxing, and a baby shower that took up much of my Sunday. So now I've got nothing. 

What to say....what to say....

I just took a week off, this shouldn't be so hard right?

Oh how about something exciting that happened on Sunday night!  First we had Canadian Idol, then we had The Real Housewives of Vancouver.  The first Bachelor Canada just ended and was pretty popular.  Big Brother Canada had casting earlier this year.  Now, the best thing to happen to Canadian reality TV ever is happening. 

That's right.  Apparently The Amazing Race Canada is happening!  Chances are I won't audition for it, even though I have been wanting to be on this show forever!  But just the fact that Canadians now have the chance to be on this show makes me happier than a fat kid with cake!  Now the question is, who would be my lucky partner? 


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