Monday, 17 December 2012

The Tree

It's beginning to feel like Christmas even if it doesn't look like it.  Yes I'm actually saying that I want some snow.

We put our tree up this weekend, so now my house feels like Christmas.  Now to just get some presents wrapped and under there!   I have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping.  I just have a few little things to get.  I don't think the same can be said for Ryan

We also had two family Christmas parties this weekend.  It's a busy season and I'm loving it.

So far the tree is still standing and no decorations have been broken.  Knock on wood.  We are hoping that Pipsi doesn't think that climbing the tree is a good idea.

I feel almost guilty about this post and talking about the joy that is Christmas, knowing what many families in Newtown are feeling right now.  This won't be a Merry Christmas for them.  They may never have a Merry Christmas again as every year will be a reminder.  This has made us all very aware that this can happen to anyone, and I wish that was something that we didn't have to realize.

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