Thursday, 10 January 2013

4 Whole Years

This morning as I was getting ready for work, Ryan asked me if today was our anniversary.  My first thought was, "were you at our wedding?  Because it definitely wasn't in January."  So I said ummm no.  Then I looked at my phone.  January 10.  He's right!  We started "officially" dating 4 years ago today.  Point for you husband.  The date came up as a reminder in your phone, lose half a point.  Do people still acknowledge their dating anniversary once they are married?  I guess it doesn't hurt. 

So here's to us putting up with each other for 4 years!  We have been together for as long as highschool.  It makes me feel like I'm in a real relationship, which is good, being as we are married and all.



  1. Yes, it still counts once you are married. This past November 18, your dad and I had officially been a couple for 34 years. That date has always been special. Guess you better put it in your phone for next year. Happy Anniversary, glad you two found each other and that you bullied him into taking you out on a date!!!

  2. that's just lovely. and that your husband remembered!
    happy anniversary. you can count it. it's legit :)

  3. We count ours! :) Except ours was 9 years this past November...which is really ridiculous sounding since I'm only 25 but we met young. ;)