Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Year End

I wrote half of this post last night, finished it this morning and just realized that I posted it last night.  So if anybody read it, sorry that it probably made no sense.  Oops.  #bloggerfail (How annoying is it when people use hash tags and they aren't on twitter #annoying).

Yesterday was the first day of what us accountants call year end.  It's that time of year when not only do you have to do all of your normal work, but there is additional work on top of that. Work that you haven't done since a year ago, so hopefully you have good notes!  It's actually not that bad, I'm just raking in the overtime and trying to semi keep some work life balance at the same time.  We will see how I am in a month.  Probably stressed and 10 pounds heavier..... One thing about me is that I don't handle stress well, I'm working on it.  (I'm really not though).

All of that work will probably seem easy after this weekend.  I'm babysitting a four year old for 24 hours.  I know all the parents are out there saying, so?  But I'm scared.  I don't know how to keep this kid entertained.  Renting a kids movie and giving her a bath.  That's all I've got.  Last time I took care of her I kept her entertained with a bosu and some colouring.  Maybe I will try that again.

And to make sure this post is completely random, we watched Final Destination 5 on New Years day.  I now can't have laser eye surgery or acupuncture.  It was one thing when that movie was ruining fake tanning for me, but now it's ruining things that I actually maybe wanted to do.  That's all folks, happy random Thursday.


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  1. Aw, so sad that it ruined acupuncture for you - I love acupuncture!

    I would be totally terrified to babysit a kid for 24 hours. Maybe bake cookies? I also don't handle stress all that well...nor do I handle work/life balance that is on the fritz.