Friday, 25 January 2013


I just realized that it's Fitness Friday.  I had no post planned for today, so lets see what I can pull out in 10 minutes.  (Really I have less than that, because I have to leave in 10 minutes, I'm in my housecoat, and I need to get my lunch packed up and my boots tied tight, 10 points if you know what I'm talking about there....)

ZUMBA.  I feel slightly bad talking about this, because Zumba class hasn't seen me in quite awhile.  You see, I have an hour commute, and usually on Wednesday evenings I stay in the city late and go to hot yoga, so staying late another night to go to Zumba just isn't something I want to be doing.  But, I used to go to Zumba every week. 

The key to Zumba is having a good instructor.  I have tried out numerous instructors, and some just don't get you moving enough.  If I'm not sweating at the end of a Zumba class, something is wrong.  Sure, there are always people in the class who can't handle big movements, but that's why the move should be shown at different levels of difficulty.  If you have a good instructor though, Zumba is an awesome workout.  Plus it's fun.  It doesn't matter that you look like an idiot who can't dance while doing it.  We all look like idiots who can't dance. 

I also have the Zumba game for my playstation.  It's not bad.  It has a bunch of different 20 minute or 45 minute workouts.  When I'm at home, I prefer the 20 minute workout, because I get bored of dancing in my basement after that.  And if Ryan comes downstairs I always stop because I'm pretty sure I'm embarrassing myself. 

So there is my fitness suggestion for today!.  This link up has been brought to you by Going With The Flow.


  1. haha, love that you said you stop dancing when he comes in the room! I would be the same way :)
    Hot yoga in the city...just sounds awesome! Would love to hear more about that!

  2. Hahah I am the same way, hate working out in front of people. But I do love the Zumba and hip hop classes. Pretty sure I actually do look like Napoleon Dynamite when I do either class ;) I have been wanting to do the Bikram Yoga, the hot one, I think, also. But I haven't gotten ballsy enough to try it. Plus my gym doesn't offer it. Ha. Thanks for linking up with us for Fitness Friday, great post!

  3. I totally agree with having a good instructor! Plus some great music:)

  4. I LOVE Zumba. Seriously the only exercise I have ever faithfully stuck to. (Except lately..I've been skipping it. Baaad me.)