Monday, 28 January 2013

What to do when your husband is away

Ryan was away at a bachelor party all weekend doing whatever guys do at bachelor parties. So that meant a very exciting weekend of doing whatever I wanted. I had the best Saturday! 

I woke up to the kitten nibbling on my feet. I guess she didn't think that I should be sleeping in. I made french toast and a lot of coffee for breakfast and settled in to get caught up on TV. I was behind on Grey's, Glee, The Vampire Diaries and The Real Housewives of New York.  I know this is a lot, but when Ryan is away I'm not accountable to anyone. Of course I also got caught up on reading blogs while watching.

Then I got a text from my sister to let me know that they had 2 pedicure cancellations at the spa she works at. So I hurried and did my yoga meltdown DVD so that I could shower and get ready to go. I went with my mom to get it done. It was pretty nice and I don't usually treat myself to things like that. 
What's that? You didn't want a picture of my feet? Too bad.

When I got home I made some banana bread. It didn't turn out. What's with that!  My banana bread always turns out.  Then I went to my friend's house and we had quesadillas, greek salad, wine and some girl talk.  

As much as I miss Ryan when he's gone, it's really nice to just do my own thing once in awhile. Don't worry, I did do some cleaning on Sunday, so I wasn't a total lazy bum!


  1. What a nice, relaxing weekend. Sometimes alone time is the best!

  2. sounds like a great weekend!! it is nice to be able to watch your own shows and have some quiet time!