Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Facts of Me

Today I'm linking up with Whitney at I Work Yoga Pants to Work to talk about The Facts of Me.  So here are some fun facts!

  • I would wear yoga clothes all the time if I could
  • I think about food constantly, fat kid in a skinny kids body I think
  • I would rather stay in and watch a real housewives marathon than do anything else
  • I overanalyze everything
  • I google everything
  • I love penguins 
  • I'm known to my family as bag girl - I have tons of bags and every time I leave the house I usually seem to have at least 3.  When going on a trip somewhere I will just keep carrying bags out to the car (Ryan says this isn't a fun fact, it's an annoying fact)
  • My sister and her friends call me Mama Bear because I'm always watching out for them and driving their drunk bums to the bar (actually I don't do that anymore, I go to bed at 10 now, before they have even left for the bar)
I drive - They snap a million pics in the back

  • This list makes me feel like I'm no fun
  • My sister and I used to teach my little brother how to dance like The Backstreet Boys - HILARIOUS, he doesn't find it amusing
  • I put cheese wizz on my french toast instead of maple syrup
  • I have a really hard time coming up with facts, probably because I think that everything I do is completely normal, when in reality it's completely weird
On that note, I better wrap up this post up and get moving. 


  1. Cheese Wiz on French toast?! Girl this is weird. I used to put it on Bugles. SO good

  2. I put swiss cheese on my waffles. My husband thinks I'm insane for it.

  3. Hi- I'm a new follower from the linkup! Loving your blog & can't wait to read more :) Hope you have a great day!

  4. 10pm is the best bedtime ever. Especially when I have already had some wine... it's glorious. I'm so old.