Monday, 14 January 2013

Unveiling the Bathroom Makeover

The upstairs bathroom was the only room on the main floor that we hadn't done anything with.  Now it's my favourite room in the house.  Here is what we started with.  Dull and dreary with a lovely floral border.

And of course the bathroom light we were dealing with for the past year.  The bathroom wasn't that bad actually, we could deal with it.  But now I love it!
Here she is!
My fantastic husband did the whole thing on his Christmas break.  It pays to have a husband who works for a kitchen company.  He built the vanity himself.
I love the detail in the cabinets.  We went a bit overboard/over budget with the fixtures.  I really wanted these fancy drawer pulls, but they were worth it.
I also required the fancy faucet.  
Ryan also built a frame for around the mirror.  I think the light is an improvement as well.

This may seem like a little thing, but Ryan built new shelves for the linen closet and made them so that they didn't come out as far so that we could hang our towels in the closet,  out of sight.  This works well since we registered for brown towels when we got married and brown towels would drive me crazy if they were visible all the time.

I'm in love!  It makes me happy every time I go in there!  



  1. LOVE how much lighter it got!

  2. I love looks 100x better!! May I ask where you got the faucet? My husband would totally agree for me to buy that and I've been needing a new one. :D