Wednesday, 23 January 2013

If I Were a Boy

Today Erin is doing a link up called "If I Were a Boy" and I just couldn't resist.  What girl doesn't dream about certain things they would do if they were a boy!

If I were a boy....
-I would sleep in until 10 minutes before I had to leave but it would be ok because I still wouldn't be late for work
-I would shower more often because it wouldn't mess up my hair
-I would eat more without worrying about the calories, because I probably wouldn't gain weight
-Maybe I would like activities like cutting the lawn... Or maybe not
-I would be more daring and not so concerned with consequences
-I would definitely take advantage of being able to pee anywhere

Really though I kind of like that I'm a girl. 
(Excuse the lack of pictures, I tried to find a picture of me looking like a boy, but luckily, I don't seem to have any.)

In other news, it's crazy cold outside.  With wind chill, it has been -20 or something crazy like that.  When I got home today I immediately put on my extra warm socks and I really just want to crawl into my bed and turn the heated mattress pad on high.  I'm so over January.  



  1. First thing on my list: no shaving my legs. I would give a whole lot to not have to do that terrible chore. Ugh.

  2. Great minds think a lot! Seriously, all they need is ten minutes!! So lucky! haha! Cute blog! (: Found you from the link up! You can find me here: