Tuesday, 1 July 2014

10 Things I Love About Canada

As today is Canada day, I wanted to focus on why I love this country that I live in!

1. The weather changes.  Yes I hate winter.  But I really appreciate all of the other seasons when they get here because of it!  Plus, having the same weather all of the time would get boring, wouldn't it?

2. We're polite, eh?  Canadians are super polite.  It's annoying sometimes and yet we really appreciate it.  This may be the only country where you run into somebody and then they apologize to you.

3. We're tiny.  There are only about 33 million of us in this country and for our land size, that's really not very many.  

4. We're good at hockey.  Now I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I'm still pretty proud of how awesome we are at this game!

5. This is a country of opportunities.  You can be who you want and do what you want. 

6.  We brought the world Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds.  

7. Tim Hortons.  We love coffee and Donuts and love calling this chain our own.

8. We speak both French and English.  OK maybe saying we is an exageration.  A lot of us don't speak both languages.  But I love that we have two official languages.  It's a part of our history and what makes us Canadian.  And that French province brought us Poutine.  

9.   Medicare.  Sure my tax dollars pay for it, but when I go to the doctor I don't have to get out my credit card.  And that's awesome.

10.  This country is beautiful!  I haven't travelled through it nearly enough.  Good thing I have the rest of my life to check it out!



  1. I think that I would love Canada! I've always wanted to go and the more I read, the more I want to!

  2. Maw Maw Estelle2 July 2014 at 05:24

    Awesome post. I could say all those exact same things (except that I DO love hockey). We are indeed lucky to live here. Happy 146th Birthday Canada.

  3. #6, YES YES and YES! Thanks for linking up with us!