Thursday, 10 July 2014

Summer Faves

Today's prompt is favourite things to do in the summer.  Who doesn't love the summer!  Especially after the six month winter that we had.  Geesh.  

I love going to the cottage.  

I enjoy buying veggies at the local veggie stand.  Local + convenient = love

The Fry Shack.  Enough said.

Outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.  Not as much fun when there's snow on the ground!

Ice Cream.  But then ice cream is good all year round....and I really try to be good and not eat too much of it.

But then there's just baked goods in general.  I mean summer is full of cottage time and get togethers and there are always lots of baked goods around.  And it would be rude to not eat them....
Smore Cookie Recipe

Oh and being lazy and that being ok.  In the summer I'm allowed to sit around and read as long as I'm doing it outside.  Or just stand around and watch the dog run circles around the yard.  That's good too.


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