Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Guilty Pleasures

So I didn't really explain it yesterday, but there's this whole blog every day in July thing going on.  I can't promise that I will blog every day because let's face it, it's a busy month!  But I want to try to blog most weekdays.  I might pull some weekend prompts into a weekday if I like it better.  We will see!

So today we are talking about guilty pleasures.  We all have them!

I think my main guilty pleasure is definitely any Real Housewives series.  I'm addicted and Ryan doesn't understand why I watch it.  But I just can't stop myself.
Reading up on celebrity news.  Luckily I'm not all over Perez Hilton anymore, I only read reputable sites like People....but why do I care?  I don't know.  But ask me who is getting married, having babies or getting divorced in Hollywood and I will know.

I sometimes dip marshmallows in Nutella for a tiny snack....

Lululemon clothes.  I wear them as much as possible.  Basically I come home from work and put them on.  Weekends I wear them all the time.  It's bad news bears because you can gain weight while wearing yoga pants and you don't notice.

I would definitely call Harry Potter a guilty pleasure.  I read the books a lot and frequently throw on one of the movies while I'm working out.  

Ok that's all I've got.  


  1. Yes yes YES to Harry Potter and Lululemon. People smack talk Lulu all the time because of the price but it is my favourite!

  2. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT HARRY POTTER. Be proud of that. Harry Potter is amazing. ;)

  3. LOL the real housewives of NYC and Orange County are my favs...I totally understand this! ;)

  4. NEVER feel guilty about Harry Potter. EVER. It's not a guilty pleasure, it's an amazing part of life ;)

  5. LOL to that first gif. I'm guilty of wearing yoga pants too often and then realizing with horror that my jeans are too tight!

  6. I have to second what everyone else said - NEVER FEEL GUILTY ABOUT HARRY!!! & I also used to be ALL OVER perez and I really thought I'd never stop, but now I'm just too busy to follow celeb news - definitely used to be a guilty pleasure of mine!

  7. I have a confession. I've never watched ANY of the Real Housewives shows and I dunno why because I'm about 1000% sure I would LOVE it. And I feel ya on the celebrity gossip. Can't even feel guilty about that!