Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I Think I'm Alone Now...

Today's prompt is "Things you do when you're alone"  I guess we're supposed to share all of our secrets.  I don't really think I do weird things when I'm alone, but I guess I'll give it a try!

I definitely talk to my cat when I'm alone.  But I do that when people are around too.  I'm pretty sure she understands me...

I love to make whatever dinner I want and watch reality TV when Ryan leaves me home alone.  I typically play 2048 on my phone as well because I'm addicted.

I'll probably put on my pajamas early.  Because why not?

And I may or may not go to bed early as well.  Unfortunately Ryan always figures it out when he gets home at 10 and I'm already dead to the world.

Boring I know.  I really don't do embarrassing things when I'm alone.  I would probably do most of those things if Ryan was home too...



  1. Why not wear your pajamas early? I do that with people around and don't judge others if they to also!

  2. I dont even change out of my PJS on the weekends LOL