Sunday, 25 October 2015

Parker at 9 Months

Parker turned 9 months old yesterday!  Every month I'm shocked that he's a month older, like I've completely forgotten how time works...

Weight: 12lbs 13oz  Ya, I was disappointed too.  I swore he had gained weight in the past couple weeks, but nope.  The doctor says he's doing great developmentally and is even a bit advanced in some areas, which is nice to hear.  But of course as a mama, in a world where babies are massive and weight gain is the primary concern I get worried.  I wonder if I'm doing the right thing, if he needs more solids, if he should be getting formula....  But at the end of the day he's happy and healthy and that's what counts. 

Height: 25 inches

Feeding:  Parker probably nurses about 6 times a day and over the last month he has also been waking for a night feeding usually between 1:30-3:30.  The past few nights he has slept through so I'm hoping we are over that little hump.  But it might also be the reason for weight gain, so that's ok.

He eats 2-3 solid meals per day (or 1 on a bad day when I'm out and forget about it).  I'm trying to get him used to 3 meals a day, but since he's pretty messy I don't want the aggravation if we are out in public, or sometimes I will go somewhere and forget to bring him food.  He typically eats yogurt mixed with fruit for breakfast, some sort of vegetable for lunch and chicken mixed with veggies for dinner.  New foods this month are potatoes, asparagus, yogurt and chicken.

Sleeping: He typically naps twice a day, around 10am for anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours and then again between 2-4 depending on when he actually when down in the morning and how long he slept for.  I try to get him to bed a bit earlier now because I think he needs it, but it's still between 9 and 10:30 typically when he gets to bed.  Sometimes he wakes up for a night feed but then typically still sleeps in until 8-8:30 unless I get him up earlier if we have somewhere to go.

Likes:  Swimming.  He likes to sit in his boat while I'm doing my diaper fit class but as soon as we go to the warm pool he gets a big grin on his face like he knows it's fun time for him!  He doesn't mind being dunked either.

Still loving the bath.  Gerald the Giraffe.  Being naked.  

Dislikes: Mom dislikes diaper changes.  Thank goodness he's tiny because I have to hold him down while I'm changing his diaper so that he doesn't roll over.  He still gets a few good rolls in during every change.

In the past few days he has started pulling him self up off a seated position either to grab something off the poof in his bedroom or to look into a box that I have sitting in the office.  

He often looks like he's going to flip onto his knees to crawl, but he usually topples over when he tries.

He rolls across the floor to get places and sometimes I think he will never learn to crawl.

This Month: We had our first real battles with sickness this month.  First he got a fever and some sort of bug that had him throwing up mass quantities of fluid.  This is bad for any parent, but for a parent of a tiny baby who can't afford to loose weight I hated it.  He lost an ounce over 5 days.  Once that was over he got a viral rash, it didn't bother him but it looked awful.  Then a few days later we all got colds.  Parker was very congested and kept his runny nose and a bit of a cough for a few weeks.  He threw up a few more times during the cold from coughing.  The time he threw up all over his crib and me at 2am, that was fun... But we all made it through!  Babes get sick, that's life!

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