Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ways I've Used Oils in the Past Week

So I'm one week into my essential oil journey and we've already used them a ton!

  • Grapefruit oil in my water:  I was doing this before I got my big box of oils.  A drop of grapefruit in my (glass) water bottle.  It's supposed to curb cravings plus it's vitamin C.
  • Cleaning spray:  Water, vinegar and lemon oil makes me a happy cleaner.  If you know me, you know I hate cleaner, but I whipped up this concoction and have actually been using it!  Because the bottles aren't an eye sore, I can leave them in plain site, and so I actually grab them and spray down counter tops when the mood strikes!
  • Diffusing lavender: My headache and cramps went away.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But I choose to think it was the lavender.
  • Cleaned my veggies with a fruit and veggie spray
  • Made lavender rollers to help me sleep
  • Made lavender spray to freshen the air and spray in Parker's room to help him sleep
  • Used germ spray on my toilet after rinsing a stinky diaper
  • Used antibacterial spray after changing above stinky diaper
  • Rubbed fennel and coconut oil onto my belly for digestion/acid reflux - and it actually seemed to help! I was sceptical too!
  • I've also made made congestion roller bottles and immune boost roller bottles as well as tub and toilet scrub.  And I'm excited to get using all of them!  There are way more roller bottle recipes that I was interested in, but I'm supposed to avoid peppermint as I'm still nursing and a lot of them included peppermint.
Plus how pretty are those bottles...


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