Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sometimes I Wonder About Me....

So I have a story.  I received a call today from my bank asking about some charges on my credit cards.  $550 for some company that I had never heard of.  I said no, I definitely did not make that payment.  So a  few security questions later and I was cutting up my credit card.  Not a huge deal because I don't use it for everything.  I basically just use it for gas, and of course the contacts that I had decided to purchase online over the weekend.  (That purchase apparently wasn't the best idea, as that's probably the site that stole my number.  I did actually receive the contacts today though, so it seems legit.)

Anywho, then I went grocery shopping after work.  I put in an order at the pharmacy for a prescription, grabbed all my groceries, went back and paid for the prescription and then checked out to pay for my groceries.  Well I go to grab my debit card and it's not in my wallet.  Of course I knew that I had just used it, but all my groceries had been rung through and there is a lady behind me probably wondering why I didn't find my card earlier.  The groceries were $90, I had $40 cash in my wallet and no debit or credit card.  I panicked a little bit.  Then I remembered my emergency credit card.  It's been sitting in my wallet for years.  It has a low limit and I keep it just for moments like this.  Thank goodness. 

I went back after I put the groceries in my car, and my card was at the pharmacy.  I also signed the receipt with my married name, and the card is in my maiden name.  I will probably get the call from that company about the compromised card soon....

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