Thursday, 28 February 2013


Last week Michelle, who is currently travelling around the world with her boyfriend, wrote a post to inspire people to live out their dreams, even if they think they are impossible.  She said that she never thought she would be the type of person to sell all of her belongings and travel the world, but then she did it. 

I have been reading her world travel posts since she took off, and as much as I'm inspired by her, I still feel like I could never do it.  There are some things that I think shouldn't hold you back.  I'm not sticking around in cold Canada because of my job really.  I like my job, it's a good job and it's getting my career going, but if I really wanted to leave, I guess I could.

I feel like I'm just too Type A to pick up and go.  Honestly, what's keep me here, (besides the fact that I don't think that Ryan would ever go for the travelling the world thing), is my house.  I know that a house is just a house, but we have put everything into this home that we have created.  We have worked so hard to get it to where it is.  Plus, it's in the perfect location, so I would never want to sell it, for fear that we wouldn't find the same thing when we returned.  This isn't a 3 year house until we outgrow it, this is a 20 year house.  And the thought of renting it  Do you know what renters do to houses?  I don't even want to think about it.

To be honest, money is kind of a big thing for me as well.  It's not that I need to be rich, I just don't like the thought of going into debt.  And it's not that I don't value travel.  I absolutely value it and hope that we can do a lot of it.  But I think that I would find it much less stressful to travel small bits at a time.  I hope that we always have the means to travel somewhere each year.

So despite the fact that I don't see us being the type of people to just drop everything, Michelle did inspire me to think about it.  I was asking myself the question, could we do it?  She made me realize that we only have one life and that we shouldn't wait until tomorrow to live out our dreams.  So I'm going to work on making this one life the best I can, and make sure that it is what I want it to be. 



  1. I like the idea of the post! <3

  2. I think what Michelle is doing is SO cool! I like planning things to get the best deals, but sometimes going with the flow can be so worth it. I feel like you miss out on special/off the beaten path things if you plan too much ahead.