Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Exploring the Zoo with my little Penguin

Yesterday Parker and I went to the zoo with one of my friends and her son.  I wasn't sure how Parker would take to the zoo.  But I think it was a successful trip!

First stop was the Pandas.  The pandas are only at the zoo for a few years, and since there are babies right now I knew that I had to see them!  It was the only exhibit that had a line.  They were pretty cute and Parker was pretty excited when he saw that they were moving.

 I don't think Parker had any idea that this lazy camel was actually alive.
 After we did the Pandas and the Eurasia exhibit, it was already time for lunch!  We headed out to the car on the zoomobile.  The kids loved the zoomobile and Parker sat on my lap an looked around.  It actually took us through some animals that you wouldn't be able to see otherwise.  Parker liked the eat a picnic lunch.  Then it was splash pad time!  I wish I had a video of Parker at the splash pad.  He loved it.  He just ran all over and I chased him.  It was definitely the highlight of his day.  

After the splash pad we got back into the stroller and took off for Africa.  First stop was the Rhinos.  I said "Parker look at the Rhinos", but when I looked down the kid was fast asleep.  He continued to sleep until we got on the zoomobile at the end of Africa.

 Definitely one of the best parts of the day was seeing Juno, the baby polar bear.  She was so cute, and the kids seemed pretty enthralled too!

No zoo trip would be complete without a visit to the penguins.  First we went to see them swimming underwater.
 This was Parker's expression when he saw them.
 Parker and Declan also liked to watch them swim from up top.  And so did mommy!

 We decided to stay at a hotel in Markham for the night.  It was an adventure!  Two tired kiddos and two tired mamas!  

Declan is just over 2 and Parker is almost one and a half.  So they aren't really the best at sharing.  We had a few fights over the digger.  But we all made it out alive and were ready to head home this morning!

I had wondered what the zoo would be like with a young toddler.  Honestly low expectations were key.  We did what we could, I let him sleep when he wanted to and didn't worry about him missing anything.  Because he doesn't know that he missed anything!  We also skipped the indoor exhibits and anything that we didn't think the kids would really get.  But I had a lot of fun too!  

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