Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pregnancy to 13 Weeks

I told you that eventually I would get around to blogging about the pregnancy....I'm not quite as hardcore this time.  Although I want to be, I just don't have the time in the day to take weekly pictures and document as much, so I've tried to do as good as I can with it.  I'm more summarizing what I've been feeling.  Here is everything up until 13 weeks!

5 weeks

  •         We can’t really believe that we are having another baby.  Are we crazy?
  •         No symptoms prior to positive test
  •          A bit of a sore back.  No sore boobs this time around though.

 7 Weeks
  •          I’m tired all the time and can’t believe how early it started this time around.  Probably something to do with sleepless nights and chasing after a busy 15 month old
  •          Definitely feeling more nausea this time around.  I especially have it in the morning, I don’t want to eat, nothing seems appetizing, but I have to or else I feel sick.  But it can also hit at any time during the day.  Specifically when I’m hungry or have eaten too much.  It’s a fine line…
  •          When I wake up in the night I have a really hard time getting back to sleep
  •          Crazy vivid dreams, I should be keeping a journal of them!  In one I was the Blue Jays 1st basement, terrible idea!  I can’t catch to save my life. 
  •          We told our families and I think surprised them all!
  •          One day I took a picture of my belly because I looked 20 weeks pregnant.  It was clearly just bloating and went away, but it scared me.  Other than that I feel a bit chubbier.  I’ve been trying to eat well before real cravings hit as I know that first trimester is no excuse!

 9 Weeks
  •          Still tired
  •          Nausea hasn’t been quite as bad but can still hit me pretty hard at times
  •          I told my boss and one other co-worker because we were talking about staffing and I felt bad keeping it a secret.  Then we went on an offsite meeting and it was hard to hide not being able to go in the hot tub or drink anything
  •          The belly comes and goes
  •          I have my midwife appointment this week.  Finally!  I’m looking forward to seeing the midwife and getting an ultrasound booked

11 Weeks
  •          Had midwife appointment at 9 weeks. Isabelle was surprised I was back so soon!  It’s so nice to know what’s going on this time around, we got down to business at the appointment.  Because I had a preemie we are going to do some extra testing this time around to try to prevent that if possible, but there are no guarantees
  •          I actually hadn’t gained any weight, if anything I’ve lost a few pounds, which kind of makes sense because my appetite was definitely not big while I wasn’t feeling well
  •          Had an ultrasound at 10 weeks!  I drank too much water and had to pee a little bit 3 times during it and was very uncomfortable.  But Ryan and I both got to see the baby, which was amazing
  •          I’ve been feeling pretty good overall.  Nausea isn’t too bad anymore and I’m generally less tired I would say, however weekend naps are still really nice.
  • We are looking forward to telling more people next week about the pregnancy. 
  • Next midwife appointment is at the end of May
  • Some days by the end of the day I look very pregnant, but in the morning the belly is pretty small again, which is good for work so that people don’t catch on!


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