Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pregnancy Weeks 14-18

No picture, but here is what I recorded for 12 weeks:

  •          The cravings!  Last time I just craved carbs as a whole, which was easy, because I could always satisfy the craving.  This time I find myself craving something more specific.  The other day I had to stop on my way home to get Miss Vickie’s Salt and Vinegar chips.  I have never craved chips in my life because I’m a chocolate person so it was a weird feeling.
  •       I’m feeling pretty good, the fatigue still hits me hard sometimes, but that might just be because I’m a mom with a busy kid who doesn’t always get a full nights sleep
  •          I got my snoogle pillow out this week and it’s wonderful.  Ryan isn’t happy about it, but I sleep so much better with it!
  •          I’m excited to start talking about names, I love knowing what we are naming the baby.  We still have a name picked out for a girl so we will see if that sticks, but we are starting from square one for boys names, so it could be interesting!
  •          I’ve been on the hunt for a double stroller.  I’m hoping to find a good deal on a used City Select so I’ve been keeping my eyes open on kijiji because you have to jump on them fast when someone posts them

13 Weeks
  • We told some of our extended family about the baby last weekend as well as our friends.  It’s nice to have it out in the open!
  •  Still just showing mostly in the evening, I can tell during the day but nobody else can. But at night I look super pregnant.
  •  I still fit into my regular pants, which is nice.
  •  I got a call from my midwife this week to let me know that I tested positive for ureaplasma, which is linked to preterm labour.  I was looking it up to try to decide if I wanted to treat it or not and only found really bad things about people going into labour at 24 weeks…I’m trying not to freak out until I talk to my midwife more about it at my appointment next week
  • I would say I’m not as tired (except for Parker having a cold and waking up 3 times a night doesn’t help) and I feel pretty good most of the time.  My boobs are more sore than they were in the first trimester and are fuller.

14 Weeks
  • I announced my pregnancy at work this week, nice to have everything out in the open and can stop whispering to the people who know about it
  • We picked names….maybe…. I’m not fully set on the boys name, but I’m thinking Ryan is so it will probably stick
  • Up 3 lbs so far, I’m happy with that
  • My midwife suggested going to a naturopath about the ureaplasma.  I’m trying not to worry about it too much as there isn’t that much I can do
  • Parker got an ear infection so we spent 3+ hours at the hospital.  Of course he was happy while we were there and so I spent 3 hours chasing him up and down the halls cause he would not sit still.  This made for one tired out mama!

15 Weeks
  •          This belly that comes and goes is weird.  Some days it’s here some days it’s not.
  •          I kind of feel like I have a UTI.  Symptoms include frequent urination and getting up at night to pee.  Ok thanks google, that’s just pregnancy in general.
  •          I can’t wait to feel movement, it could happen any time now, but with Parker I didn’t feel anything until 21 weeks.
  •          I’m sleeping great with my snoogle pillow!
  •          Hungry most of the time

17 Weeks
  •          Reflux has started up a little bit although not all the time like last time
  •          Sleeping pretty well and overall pretty comfortable
  •          Craving carbs, not a huge fan of meat, I basically just want to get take out all the time
  •          The naturopath has me on a bunch of pills to hopefully get rid of the ureaplasma, we will test again in a few weeks to see if it worked

18 Weeks
  •          Up 9 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight, but this is where I was at when I started my pregnancy with Parker, so I’m ok with that!
  •          Started feeling movement at the beginning of this week!  Some days there’s more than others an sometimes it’s really obvious and sometimes I have to be concentrating to feel it
  •          I find it feels more like definite kicks than it did last time.  I can sometimes feel it from outside my body whereas the early kicks last time were more like flutters.  Does this mean my baby is massive?  Or just really strong?
  •          Acid reflux is more steady
  •          Had a midwife appointment – heartbeat was 144
  •          Looking forward to the anatomy scan in 2 weeks!


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