Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Parker at 21 months

This little one is quite the busy bob!  Our days are full of joy and frustration, that's what being a parent is I guess.  Every day is a mixture of good moments and difficult ones, and we are learning how to work through all of them as we go.  

I find this to be a tricky age, but will probably say that about every age.  He's very determined and he wants things his way.  He thinks that if he says "pees" he gets whatever he wants.  So we are trying to teach him that just because he's polite, doesn't mean that he can eat endless amounts of Oreo cookies.  But this gets him very aggravated.  

We are also working on patience and telling him to wait.  This is so important with the new baby coming because he is really going to have to learn fast that it's not all about him all the time and that mommy will be busy with the baby sometimes.  Hopefully he figures this out fast once the baby is here.

  • Wearing a range of 9 month and 12 month clothes
  • Should nap once a day in the afternoon, although he hasn't been napping great for me.  The big boy bed has been fine at night, but at nap time he just keeps getting out of bed and banging on the door.  He does that when he wakes up at night too, but will go back to sleep if we put him back in bed
  • He loves giving kisses.  When we put him to bed he makes a smacking noise and things that it will put off bed time if he keeps kissing us....which he's right, it's so cute that it works for awhile
  • Loves the pool and the tub
  • Is really into cows right now, thinks everything is a cow and loves to watch cow videos on youtube.  He finds the one page in a book with a cow on it and gets quite excited
  • Scurries everywhere, why walk when you can scurry
  • Loves to give hugs
  • Still loves pasta the most
  • One day he loves blackberries and 2 days later he won't eat them.  This is pretty much the case with everything
  • Attached to his milk cup, calls it "ma"
  • Vocabulary isn't great yet, but he has been picking up a few more words
  • Says bye to everything, the other day when he was done eating he said "bye bye food"
  • Likes to climb now that he's tall enough to climb more things
  • Wants to eat at the table and off anybody's plate but his own
  • Getting good with names, although not women's names...he likes to withhold them!  But he says dada, daddy, bapa (Grandpa), Pipsi (our cat), Cleo (Grandma's cat), he said Boozie the other day, who is our neighbour.  Yes he rarely says mama (unless he's yelling at me and then he just says Mom!) but he can say Boozie...

Some time within the next two months Parker will be starting his role as big brother.  I'm so excited to see him become an amazing big brother and am hoping it goes smoothly.  However I'm also sad for him that the end of his only child days are here.  He won't remember the almost 2 years where it was just him and he got all of the attention.


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