Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pregnancy at 33 Weeks

  • 1 week to go until 34 weeks, which in preemie world is good.  It means I can deliver at a hospital that is 30 minutes away as opposed to an hour and 15 minutes
  • Up 36 lbs total, only 2lbs from my last appointment, which is pretty good for me this time around
  • I got my ultrasound results at my midwife appointment.  My cervix has shortened slightly, but isn't in extremely dangerous territory according to my midwife.  But I'm off work for a week hoping that it doesn't continue to shorten and that this baby stays inside for a bit longer.  I'm not dilated at all yet though, which is good
  • My belly button is very flat, much flatter than it got last time
  • Baby is still head down
  • I'm feeling a bit nauseous again
  • My stress level has been through the roof.  I think its a combo of work, worrying about having this baby early and of course Parker doesn't exactly help either...  And then I get more stressed about being stressed because that isn't good for the baby
  • The hormone hurricane is back.  Looking back from 33 weeks last time I was going through the same thing.  I'm emotional and have all kinds of pregnancy rage going on.
  • I get kind of worried about having 2 kids sometimes.  Parker is going through a challenging phase and having to split my attention while taking care of a newborn is a bit scary
  • Every so often I have a reaction to my wedding rings.  Then I go and get them rhodium plated and they are fine.  So I recently did that, but they are so tight that I'm still reacting to them.  I never had to take my rings off with Parker, but this time they are off already.  

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