Thursday, 21 December 2017

Why Doterra?

I guess I promised a post on why I choose to use Doterra oils, so here we go!

Oils are confusing.  I get it.  They are everywhere now.  They are in the mall, at Walmart, at random stores.  So how do you know which ones to use?  And why would I choose to go with an MLM company to purchase my oils when I can just go to the mall to grab them?

First of all, for me Quality is a huge issue.  When I am putting oils on my skin, or on my children or even taking internally, I want to know that I can trust the oil.  I know that Doterra has quality oils.  Do they cost more?  Maybe.  But oils are kind of serious business, they are fairly strong and so I really want to trust what I'm using.

Support is another huge consideration for me.  Because Google is confusing, I like to have as much info available as possible.  When you go to a store and buy an oil, there are so many things that you don't know.  Some oils are hot oils and shouldn't be put right on your skin or ingested.  Some are phototoxic, so if you put it on your skin and go into the sun, you will burn.  I like to know that I'm using my oils as safely as possible.  And I also like to know all the ways you can use an oil! 

When you sign up with Doterra, you get support from the team that you sign up as a part of.  So I have access to a members only website and facebook group, plus a connection with my upline leader, so I can talk to her if I need to.  And she knows everything there is to know about oil usage! 

Like anything, you need to look at what is important to you and decide which brand is best.  Anyone who knows me knows that I don't really spend money frivolously.  But I will spend a bit more on quality oils that I can trust.  (However, I don't think that Doterra is overpriced comparatively to other oils, besides maybe the oils that you would find at Walmart, that I really wouldn't recommend buying...) But overall, I think oils are also saving me money.  I've been cleaning with oils for a few years and a bottle of lemon oil costs like $12 and still lasts a long time.  If you look at all of the products you can replace with oils, you can really save a ton of money.  I also love to make my own roller blends because it's so much more economical then buying them premixed!  Roller blends make your oils easy to use because they are prediluted, safe for kids and make your bottle of oil go even further.

Whatever you choose to use, I feel like oils are the way of the future.  They are a way to make our family healthier, save costs and grab for a more natural remedy as a first choice. 

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