Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Guess What Time It Is!!!!!

Ever since I saw Sherry's last blog post on this, I have been excited for the day when I had my own blog and could take part.  You don't actually need a blog to do it, but I think it's more fun.  So I was pumped when this was the post over here today.

PINTEREST CHALLENGE TIME! If Sherry and Katie say do it, I will.  Ya that's right, I'm on a first name basis......ok not really at all. 

Basically for the pinterest challenge, you choose something that you have found on Pinterest and do it! Stop pinning and start doing!  Otherwise Pinterest is just a lot of great ideas that never make their way into your life.  I haven't decided what my challenge item will be yet, but when my 2 exams are finished this weekend and I have a life again, I will complete my first Pinterest challenge!  According to Katie Bower, I have only one week to complete this challenge.  But if I blog about it I'm committed right?

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