Saturday, 3 March 2012

You Light Up My Life

I have never had to buy light fixtures before.  Ryan has….but the amount of thought that went into them was probably much lower than the amount of thought that I put into these.  (That's typically how things go with him, he walks in, finds what he is looking for and pays for it, I think things over for days, weeks or months it seems).

Ryan didn’t want to go to Home Depot, so I went alone.  Bad idea.  When I go shopping for things like this alone, I generally just stare at the options for 2 hours, while messaging and sending pictures to Ryan to get some assurance that my choices are ok.  
I wanted some continuity in the house, so I picked lights with the same finishes for the front entrance, hallway, sunroom and over the dining room table.  The antique finish with the antique shades.  I didn’t want to go overly modern.  I just got a regular boob light for the office and spare room, and at another point in time we picked out a ceiling fan light for our bedroom.
Then I started second guessing myself.  As much as I didn’t want everything to be too modern, was the finish that I chose too old fashioned?  Then I saw this light on and fell in love!

Unfortunately, its slightly over the price that I would like to pay for a dining room light.  Especially since the first light only cost us $89 and was on sale. 

After a lot of searching, I found a new light that I liked at Homesense, for $79!  You can't go wrong for that price.  It goes better with the modern kitchen light that I found at Ikea. 

But more on that light later....

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