Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunny Side Up - Part 1

So this is part one of the sunroom post.  When we bought the house, we weren't really sure what we would do with the sunroom.  It's not very wide, so it's kind of an awkward size.  The previous owners used it as a plant room I think, and they had a TV and a love seat out there.  We already have two rooms with TV's in them, so we didn't realy want another one.   

The pocket doors are a nice feature, because most of the time it can just be an extension of the kitchen, but they can be closed as well to separate it.  It gets real hot in there in the afternoon, so maybe the doors will prevent the heat from coming through the rest of the house.

We decided to extend the hardwood into the sunroom, so that it really felt connected tot he kitchen.  Ryan began pulling up the carpet and this is what he found.
That right there is some nice 80's carpet underneath our nice nicotine filled carpet. 
Then he had to scrape the underlay off the floor because it was so deteriorated from the sun and heat in the room.  I was glad I was working that day.

We also had to paint all the trim in that room.  I did actually contribute to that!  Below is a picture of some of the priming.  Take a look at the other pictures to see how much trim this sunroom had! We had to prime it and do a couple coats.  The priming took me basically a whole day.  And we still haven't actually done the trim around the doorway because we are waiting until we paint the door this summer.  We primed all of the trim in the house with regular primer (whereas we used fancy BIN primer for the walls to cover the stains and nicotine so they didn't bleed through).  We realized after painting the sunroom trim that BIN should have been used on it as well, because the white primer started to turn yellow.  With all the coats of paint though we haven't really noticed it since.  
So there we have it.  Those are basically most of the in progress pictures.  The next sunroom post will be sunnier with less 80's carpet!

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