Monday, 26 March 2012

Ya Ya We Got Spirit!

Since I was wee, I have been participating in Synchronized Skating.  I think I started when I was in Grade 3, and continued on for 10 years.  I was a bit off and on during university since I wasn't living at home most years, but this year, my sister and I decided it was time to make our return.

There is a team of girls that are our age, but they are super competitive, have multiple practices a week, and live and breathe synchro.  We just weren't up for that, so we joined the adult team. Buh Buh Buh.......(I hope you know the sound that I am making there.)
We stayed in a hotel...since I'm not in this picture I can post it

My sister - The blue eyeshadow makeup artist
The adult team has never been good.  They generally come in last.  This is because most adult teams have a small range of ages.  For example from 30-40.  This year, our team ranged from approximately 22 to 70ish? (I don't know how old the oldest skaters actually are).  Needless to say, once again we didn't really stand a chance.  But whatev Trev, it was fun (frustrating at times, but still fun). 
This weekend was our last competition of the year.  We go to three.  We came last at the first two.  But there were only 4 teams at this competition! We only had to beat one team.  We thought about tampering with their skates, but decided that wasn't a friendly thing to do. (Ya think?) Unfortunately, we were so behind in points I'm not sure that tampering would have even made a difference.  Despite this, we had our best score ever, and had 2 really good skates, so that's the best we could ask for. 

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