Tuesday, 6 March 2012


One day, while I was shopping with maw maw (that's what we call my mom sometimes, as in maw maw from raising hope, if you haven't seen it you should, but note that my mom is nothing like maw maw, it's just funny to call her that)....distracted much? So anyways, we were shopping at Ikea and walking through the  light section, this beautiful light caught my eye.  I thought, well isn't that different, but super neat, I would love it in my house!  You know, one of those fixtures that catches people's attention.  We decided it would be just perfect for my kitchen!  I said at the time, Ryan is going to hate this light.  And he did. 
He didn't even want to put it up, and when he tried it was tres frustrating because some of the lights apparently don't come with the piece that attaches them to the ceiling (I googled it and found that tons of other people had the same issue).  But he is a genius, so he figured it out and got it all hooked up.  But we don't like it. 

It doesn't give off enough light for the kitchen, and the light reflects weirdly off of the metal and we were all seeing black dots for about half an hour.  You definitely can't look right at it.  Since the light reflects down, you can't even see the beauty that is the light.

So Ryan was right.  He wanted me to post that on the internet for the world to see.  I still like the light and am trying to come up with a new home for it.

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