Friday, 30 March 2012

Sunny Side Up - Part 2

So here we go with a happier post about the sunroom! 

We still weren't really sure what we would do with this room so that it would actually get some use.  I figured in the future, it might be a good place for kids to play so that I can close the door and work in the kitchen and they won't be too far away.  (This theory was put to the test when we babysat my 3 year old cousin.  She went in there by herself, closed the doors and sat up on the chairs to colour). Or my desk might have to move out there once my office gets turned into a nursery.  But for now, we wanted it to serve a purpose.

I came across these chairs at Ikea for a reasonable price, and my mom found this little table for $35!  We call her shopper Sharon for a reason. 

There was a window in the sun room that opened into the bathroom.  Yes, opened.  It had no lock on it either.  So if someone was going to the bathroom, someone else in the sunroom could potentially open it and look right at them.  I thought that this was likely to happen to me when Ryan's friends were over.  So my dad got us a sweet deal on this frosted window.  (He is in the window business, its great knowing people who know people). 

For comparison purposes, here is the before and after (from different perspectives, but you get the idea).

Ryan calls it the smoking room.  He doesn't smoke, and there is definitely no smoking in our house, so I don't get it but whatever.  It makes him happy to say he is going to the smoking room and close the pocket door.  It's also nice to sit in and drink our coffee in the morning.  And another advantage is that I'm pretty sure it heats our whole house.  In the afternoon when the sun shines in it gets real hot!  This isn't an advantage in the summer, so we will have to see how that works.  We are thinking we might need blinds of some sort, but don't want anything that will take away from the room.

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