Wednesday, 11 April 2012

And the Floors Come Up

I have realised that I missed out on most of the in progress pictures, so we are going to share them in a few posts.  So this one is devoted to flooring.  I already covered the removal of the sun room carpet, but nothing on the rest of the carpet and the kitchen floors.

We actually removed the carpet about 4 days after we moved in.  I had a headache for those 4 days straight, and then we removed the carpet and it disappeared! We figured it was from all of the smoke that was stuck in it.  Once it was gone I was fine. 

We left the kitchen floor in for a bit longer, but then it had to be scraped off because of the glue.

We lived floorless for a long time.  About a month probably, because we wanted all of the paint to be done before we put the floors in.  It was dirty and unpleasant, and I have never been so happy to see real floors put down!

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