Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Basement in Progress

We haven't really done anything with the basement beyond moving our furniture in. But here are some in progress pictures.  I'm still trying to decide what artwork should go where in the whole house, so hopefully that will help make it more homey down here.

The first party in the house showed me why leather is the best option for down here (love how I can just wipe up spills), and why we didn't change the carpet (can't wipe up spills but at least it's not on something that we just paid big money for).

The loveseat and chair were a kijiji find.  They basically match the couch that I already had. 

I have also allocated wedding money to real bar stools, I just have to get around to finding some that I like. 

Next on the to do list is to change the lights and hang some pictures.  We did buy new lights, they just aren't up yet.  And I am being super indecisive about what art goes where in the house.  

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