Monday, 9 April 2012

The Day Ryan Learned My Favourite Colour

Really this post is about our master bedroom.  So far, its my favourite room in the house.  I knew I wanted grey because I was sick of having brown tones in my bedroom since I have had that forever, and grey is the new brown of course.  And then I would need an accent colour.  I thought to myself I thought, teal would look lovely.  So I decided on a teal accent wall.
That was the easy part.  Finding a duvet cover in grey was incredibly difficult.  I finally found one that wasn't too feminine at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and had a gift card from an engagement gift that paid for half of it!  I know it looks like a simple duvet cover, but I seriously looked everywhere and couldn't find one that wasn't $200 or more!

Then I needed to bring teal into other aspects of the room.  I could not find teal pillows anywhere. 

My mom and I went on one of those Christmas home tours where they stage homes with furniture and Christmas decorations.  I think we were really just creeping on other peoples homes, but that's ok.  The last house we went to, I walked into the bedroom and almost had a heart attack.  Well not really, but I was pretty effing excited. (It's ok if I say effing right?) There were teal pillows! I looked at the tags, Pier 1! Then I turn around and there are teal decor balls on the dresser, oh happy day! I look at the bottom, Pier 1! Believe it or not, at this point I still hadn't figured out that Pier 1 was the sponsor of this home.  Geesh. 
So shortly after this joyous occasion, I made my way to Pier 1 and purchased those pillows!  And I took pictures of the balls and some teal place mats and sent them to Ryan and told them I would heart them for Christmas.  (He proceeded to print the picture, write the quantity and price on the back of the paper, and take it in to Pier 1, that's some skilled male shopping right there.)  Fun fact - They are ceramic and breakable.  I thought they were plastic, that didn't turn out so well for one sad ball.
After we put the room together, which has a teal wall, pillows, decorations, and a teal picture frame which contains a picture of our bridesmaids in their teal dresses, Ryan finally figures out that teal is my favourite colour.  He thought it was gold...which was our other wedding colour, so that's close I guess.   
I also found this grey laundry hamper that I found at Homesense. 
I found these curtains at Ikea.  They are a floral pattern (but not in the tacky way).  It just adds a bit of texture.
The lamps were a wedding gift that I had registered for.  I wasn't sure about the white, and initially thought that I would find some lamps with grey shades and switch them out at some point, but now I think that the white is a nice pop of brightness against the dark wall.
So there is our beautiful bedroom.  Still lacking some minor details and decor but the majority of it is done and we really like it.  Well I really like it, I think for Ryan it has a bed so it doesn't much matter what it looks like!

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