Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hunting Waterfalls

One of our favourite past times, is going to waterfalls.  This is why Ryan chose to propose at one.  With all of the renovations and the marriage and the winter, we hadn't been out to any lately.  So this Sunday we went out waterfall hunting.  We headed down to Hamilton, the waterfall capital of Ontario, with plans of seeing 3 waterfalls that we had never been to together.

First stop was Tiffany Falls.  It was really beautiful.
We have a waterfalls book that gives us directions, and it said that we could either drive to Washboard falls, or climb up the bank next to Tiffany falls to get to it. 

Washboard is one that I have always wanted to go to, it looks small, but really neat.  Here is what we could have seen:
This is the only picture that isn't mine and it was taken from here.
Ryan thought we should try the climb. 
Here is what we tried to climb:

So we got about halfway up, I only had one minor panic attack, and then Ryan decided it was too muddy to go any further.  So then I had to panic attack my way back down.  We tried to drive around to Washboard falls, but since the book was written, it has been blocked off as it's on private property.  So now we have to go back and attempt the climb again in drier weather.  Fantastic.  I'm looking forward to it. 

After that, we carried on to Sherman falls.  It was fairly close and just off the side of a road.  Good thing cause it was raining hardcore off and on and I didn't want to get caught in it.  This rain caused some water spots on my camera lense that I failed to notice.  Let's just say it wasn't exactly waterfall hunting weather.  Here is a helpful tip, waterfalls pictures are best when it is overcast, so that the sun doesn't reflect off the water.  Overcast is the key word, not raining/sleeting/hailing.  I also forgot my tripod, which was disappointing because my pictures could have been much better with it.  Oh well, apparently we have to go back anyways.  

After the waterfalls, we headed to Ikea!  It was a quick one item stop that I needed Ryan's truck to pick up.  But that is a post in itself!

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