Monday, 30 April 2012

New York - Day 2 Events

I already talked about Central Park on Day 2.  We had planned on that walk taking hours, but we were done by about 9:30.  So then we headed over to the American Museum of Natural History.  It was actually perfect timing because it started to rain and didn't really stop for the rest of the day. 

We saw some dinos at the museum.  This is Rex.  He was my buddy.

We found these in the gift shop.  They are Kitras vases, made close to home.  Who goes to the Museum of Natural History and buys a glass vase? I don't know. 
After the museum, we headed to Rockefeller Center to book our studio tour.  We could get in that same day so we just had a few hours to kill.  We rain walked it down to the New York Public Library.  It's a big building but I didn't really see too many books.  It is beautiful though. 
Then we headed over to Grand Central Station.  What a gorgeous building! It's called Grand Central for a reason.  Plus I saw Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda from Sex and the City) while we were walking in.   

We still had some time to kill, and we found a Junior's in the cafeteria.  We had heard they had the best cheesecake in New York.  And it was pretty delicious.  You can tell by the look on my face.

Then we took the subway back to Rockefeller Center.  We were sick of the rain.  We weren't allowed to take pictures on the NBC studio tour because the stages are copyrighted.  But we got to see the Dr. Oz stage, Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live.  

Fun Facts:
  • Each Saturday Night Live skit costs $250,000, if the actor misses the cue, they have to cut to commercial and that money is lost
  • Every Saturday night live actor (including hosts) have a mold of their head made so that makeup can be figured out without them being there.  In the words of our tour guide, 2 people have not had head molds - Betty White (because she is old) and Taylor Lautner (because he is clausterphobic, which is why he never wears a shirt in his movies)
  • A 5 pound weight fluctuation requires a new head mold
  • Dr. Oz isn't actually on NBC, he rents the studio and then sells the show out to whichever network purchases it, so he could be on different networks all over the country
  • Jimmy Fallon isn't live - He films at 5:30 each day (maybe other people know this, I just assumed the late night shows were actually filmed late at night)
  • Dr. Oz films 2 episodes 3 days a week, he still performs surgeries every Thursday
If you missed it, here is day 1 and Central Park.

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