Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Letter to My Bump, Or Lack Thereof

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Dear Lovely Baby Bump,

Where are you?  I mean I see a bit of growth in my belly region, but as far as an actual bump goes, you just aren't there.  I would really appreciate if you stepped up your game and made an appearance soon.

You see, I'm starting to feel like a bit of a liar.  I keep telling people I'm pregnant, but between my lack of symptoms and lack of bump, I feel like people are going to start wondering if I'm really pregnant at all.  Last night I went to prenatal yoga and I felt like people probably thought I was in the wrong class.  There were 3 ladies who were only 2 weeks further along than me and they looked like there was an actual baby in there!  And then there's me, who apparently just does prenatal yoga for the fun of it.

I know eventually I will probably wish you away, so I'm not asking that you turn into a huge bump right away, just something that makes me look pregnant.  I mean we're basically at 16 weeks.  Even though I was told that with your first pregnancy it can take awhile, I kind of just want to look more pregnant and less like I ate a lot of cake (I probably did eat a lot of cake though).

Ok that is all.  Thank you and hopefully see you soon.


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  1. It'll come, don't worry! I bet youll be all belly too. The bump tends to appear over night! xo