Monday, 8 September 2014

Enjoy Today

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Another Monday is here, and let's be honest, Mondays aren't fun.  The weekend never seems long enough.  This weekend for me flew by.  Ryan was away, which typically means tons of free time/alone time for me.  But between an event on Friday, a day full of baby shopping on Saturday and a Sunday that just got away from me, my weekend alone turned into a weekend of activities. 

But no matter what you are feeling on this Monday, it's important to embrace it.  So here is what I am grateful for today, despite the fact that it's Monday.

  • My family.  I spent Saturday with my mom and Sunday with my sister.  I love having them so close and that we are such a huge part of each others lives.
  • My baby.  Despite the fact that baby is making me feel slightly larger these days, I am so thankful for it and so excited for what life changes it will bring.
  • A job.  Even if it's hard coming back to it on Mondays, I have a good job, that I legitimately enjoy and that helps me to support my growing family.  
  • The life that I have been given.  Despite the fact that I have worked hard for everything that I have, part of how your life turns out is determined by the life you were born into.  And so I'm lucky that I grew up in the family that I did and was provided with the opportunities that I was.  
  • Ryan.  He's going to make such a great daddy.  And I think that I'm more excited to seem him as a dad than I am to see myself as a mom.  (Because let's face it, I'm going to be a disaster.  I'm just trying to prepare myself for that.)

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