Monday, 1 September 2014

There's a Baby In There!

Ryan and I are so excited to finally announce that we are expecting a new member in our family around February 28, 2015!  Oh and it's a baby in case you didn't realize!

We are so excited for this new time in our lives and are so thankful that we have such supportive friends and family who are so happy for us!  

This blog is about to blow up with baby stuff, so I'm sorry if that's not your cup of tea (I'm not actually sorry), but it's kind of ours right now.  

Stay tuned for lots more baby blogs...



  1. Congratulations!! So exciting!

  2. Congratulations! Can't wait to read about your adventures to parenthood :)

  3. Wow!! Congrats!!! Wonderful news!! Hope your little peanut has been easy on you so far! Xo